NEXT 1.0.1 Alpha released

NEXT 1.0.1 Alpha build for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu released.

1.0.1 Release Notes

  • Added support for mainnet.
  • Added random password generation for NavCoin Daemon.
  • Added secure wallet password support.
  • Added address book. (Jonathan)
  • Added “Please Wait” screen while application exiting.
  • Added “Categories” button to “Community Fund” section for filter by Proposal Category. (e.g. Social Event, Marketing)
  • Added “Filter” button to “Community Fund” section for filter by Proposal Status (e.g. Pending, Accepted, Featured)
  • Added “Community Fund Stats” info box to “Community Fund” section for display actual Community Fund values like Available NAV, Voting Period Start/End.
  • Added progress bars for each proposals Yes/No votes.
  • Code signing was done for MacOS.
  • Now asking for wallet password when sending NAV.
  • Homepage now lists only Featured Proposals.
  • Fixed transactions not displaying correctly. (LordNelsson)
  • Social media links now open on default browser. (LordNelsson)

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