NEXT 1.0.4 Beta Released

NEXT 1.0.4 Beta build for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu released.

NEXT 1.0.4 Beta Release Notes

– Added Setup for first usage.
– Added Multi Asset/Coin support.
– Added “coins.json” file for dynamically list supported assets.
– Added In-Wallet asset switch dropdown list.
– Added “Update Preferences” to Settings.
– Added “Notification Preferences” to Settings.
– Added auto download/update feature for daemon binaries.
– Added custom drawn notification window.
– Added custom menu background color setting to coins.json file for each asset.
– Added OpenAlias support for NavCoin.
– Added tooltips to labels in Overview page.
– Changed Peer List Received/Sent from byte to MB.
– Fixed QR Code prefix.


Big thanks to everyone who contributed to the development of the NEXT wallet

You can download NEXT from

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