NEXT 1.0.7 Community Fund Edition Released

NEXT 1.0.7 for Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu released.

NEXT 1.0.7 Release Notes

  • Added Welcome window to application startup.
  • Added Community Fund Information Cards to “Overview” page.
  • Added “Getting Started” page for Community Fund.
  • Added “Meet The Community” page for Community Fund.
  • Added proposal counts by proposal categories to “Overview” page.
  • Added version checking to “About” section.
  • Added Current Voting Period details to “Community Proposals” section.
  • Added Consensus variables to “Community Proposals” section.
  • Added Proposal creation fee warning to “Create Proposal” section.
  • Added “Available addresses” and “Available addresses with balance” groups to “Receive” section.
  • Removed “Private Send” toggle button.
  • Upgraded NavCoin version to 4.4.0 (Community Fund)
  • Fixed some small bugs.

You can download NEXT from

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