NEXT Lite Wallet Update (v1.1.3) released.

We’ve published a technology preview for the lite wallet implementation we’ve been working on for a while.

Using the NEXT Lite wallet, you can interact quickly and directly with the NavCoin blockchain. You do not need to download Blockchain to your device. You can easily send or receive NavCoin using the NEXT Lite wallet.

The Lite wallet allows you to access the NavCoin Community Fund. You can create your proposals in seconds and send them to the NavCoin Community’s vote.

As with NEXT full wallet, security on the lite wallet was one of the subject we care about. So we tried to make the lite wallet as secure as possible.

We have provided password protection to prevent your wallet from being stolen by others. No one can access your wallet without knowing your wallet password.

Private keys made for your wallet never leave your device. You have full control on your wallet.

As mentioned earlier, this is a technology preview version. Please keep this in mind when using the wallet.

If you have questions/feedback or keen to involve with NEXT project, you can write to us on NavCoin Discord Server #navcoin-nextwallet channel.

Special thanks to NavCoin Core Engineer @aguycalled for his great support with NEXT Lite wallet implementation.

You can download latest build from


Kind Regards,

Seyhan AKDENÄ°Z (sakdeniz)

NavCoin Community Developer


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