Next Wallet Private NFT, Private Token & dotNAV Update

We are pleased to announce that Navcoin Core pivotal features such as Private NFTs, Private Tokens and the dotNAV naming service have been added to the NEXT light wallet.

It is a fact that light wallets are a more favourable choice compared to desktop wallets in terms of both speed and usability. Therefore we decided to place more emphasis on the development of light wallets while providing users with the technologies added to the Navcoin blockchain.

Private NFTs

Non-Fungible Token (NFT), in its shortest definition, is a unique digital asset. It represents many unique digital assets, from collector’s items to virtual shoes, from virtual game content to digital properties. NFTs are produced using blockchain technology, mostly with Ethereum token standards.

However, due to the Ethereum blockchain being public, looking up and tracking NFT buys and sells is permitted to anyone. Comparatively, using the Navcoin Private NFT infrastructure, allows you to create your own private NFTs and send/receive these anonymously.

You can now use NFT technology, which has been very popular recently, completely privately in your mobile wallets.

You can upload your digital contents such as images, animated gifs, video and audio files to a decentralized file storage system (IPFS) automatically and use them in your NFTs.

Private Tokens

Private Tokens, another exciting feature, allow you to create, mint and send your own anonymous tokens to others. Most importantly, transactions made with these tokens using the blsCT infrastructure cannot be viewed by third parties.

dotNAV – On-chain Naming System

With dotNAV, you can create and update your own names and sub-names in your wallet – all of them securely stored on the blockchain.

Multi Wallet Support

You can now add wallets with Navcoin support such as Navcoin Core, Navcash and Navpay (Obsolete) to your wallet and switch between them whenever you want.

v1.0.7 Release Notes

  • Bad-mix-bls-inputs bug fixed. (Thanks to @aguycalled)
  • Added multi-wallet and network selection support for other official Navcoin wallets (Navcoin Core, Navcash, Navpay).
  • Wallet type selection and network selection pages has been added to the setup screen.
  • Private token support has been added, which includes creating, minting, listing and sending private tokens.
  • NFT Workshop page has been added, which enables the creation of NFT collections for digital contents such as images, animated gifs, videos and audios.
  • Added dotNAV page for name creation and management.
  • Most of the wallet code has been updated to use the NavcoinJS SDK infrastructure.
  • Available public and private addresses are listed on the receive page.
  • Changed splash screen visual.
  • Updated localizaton files.

Important Notes

Updating to the previous version may cause problems as the multi-wallet structure is being switched. So before installing the new version on your device, please back your seed phrase up, uninstall the old version and then install the new version.

Private NFTs, Private Tokens and the dotNAV feature are not yet available on the mainnet. However, an activation by a consensus vote is planned in the upcoming weeks.

What’s next?

Our core developers have been working on implementations for a while, such as proof of ownership of NFTs on the core wallet to allow Private NFTs to interact with other applications like video games.

In the coming days, we plan to implement changes that will enable these exciting features to be used in light wallets for video games.

Stay tuned!

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